Breastfeeding Still a Big Barrier to Equity for Health Care Providers

By Michelle Cohen Previously published in The Medical Post, October 2019 The pace of work in health care can make meeting basic bodily needs a challenge at times. Eating, sleeping, even going to the bathroom can feel like low priorities during a busy shift or call night. This can be especially true of health care […]

Doctor Daughters

By Sabrina Ahmed Four physicians in the family- two doctor daughters and two doctor son in laws. Every Indian parents stereotypical dream.  I used to joke that my Dad whispered medicine to my sister and I in utero but in all truthfulness he just encouraged us to aim high and we happened to love medicine.  […]

The Pump

By Meghan Wilson We had a relationship, you and I I cared for you, cleaned you, planned my days and nights around you Sometimes, I suffered As I longed for you, even dripped for you (bilaterally) I can still see you, in my mind’s eye Wide-open hungry flange with soft silicon bumps, folding to thin, […]

An Unexpected Gift

By Jenn D’Mello I’m on call, the last of 8 days in a row. Not many people want to be a child maltreatment pediatrician- called to evaluate children when a health care provider has concerns of abuse, but I actually enjoy it for the most part. It’s not something I could do full time so […]

Wild and Precious Life

By Jen Vassel Wild and Precious Life I needed to go to her funeral to process my grief. She had died not unexpectedly but slipped away before I had a chance to say goodbye. Her final words to me, “Thank you Dr. Vassel,” with a labored softness. Her mouth had gotten dry as her illness […]