Mentorship – the Art of Dating Around

By Allisson Meiwald After 4 years of nursing school, 4 years of medical school, and 5 years of residency, I am now in my 8 th year of practice as an Emergency Physician. How on earth did I get to this point? I remember being a high school student and having a plan. I was […]

Response to trailer on Global TV

By Sara Ahronheim To the team at Global TV, Relaxing on the couch with my family snoring in their beds, watching some TV to calm my mind before leaving for a busy night shift in my Emergency Department, I was shocked to find myself watching an advertisement that insulted me, my hardworking colleagues, and my […]

The Day that Changed Me.

By Anonymous Out of the sensitive nature of this post, the writer has asked for it to be posted anonymously. Easy going. Friendly. Sensitive. The words that defined me. I was small. Small in voice, small in force. Hurt by others, and I was someone that took their inappropriate behaviour very personally. “You have to […]


By Tara McCarty Jaxon has a blue metal train that he loves to hold as he falls asleep. It has magnets on both ends , and when you push a button on the back, the train car lights up inside.   He shows me the train in the dark while I rock him, and he […]


By Stephanie Hart When I was 17, I went to Europe with nearly 200 other teenagers. I’d been in a marching band since the year I turned 12, spending every free moment for years – and all of my parents’ time and money – on music and movement. This was the culmination of years of […]