By Sara Ahronheim I am a front line health care worker. I am an Emergency Physician. I am also a mother to two glorious, growing, miraculous children and wife to a handsome triathlete stay at home dad. Additionally, I am one of three daughters to a pair of still practicing exceptional pediatricians in their late […]


By Jennifer Kagan-Viater Tomorrow marks three weeks since Keira’s death. It doesn’t get any easier. The pain is searing, gnawing and all encompassing. The mornings and nights are the worst. I wake up, sometimes forgetting what has happened and for a few moments, life is happy again and peaceful. In my thoughts, I am ready […]

Residency Mornings

By Meghan Wilson The morning starts early, painfully so. I wake up feeling exhausted, sore everywhere, and overwhelmed. I don’t fall back asleep, however; I’m already too mentally keyed up for that. Instead, I briefly play out the fantasy of tonight. Tonight, when I will go to bed early, when I will rest. I know […]

Breastfeeding Survey

By Michelle Cohen Chair, CWIM Advocacy Committee FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BREASTFEEDING DOCTORS-IN-TRAINING FACE HIGH RISK OF PAINFUL CONSEQUENCES Canadian Women in Medicine (CWIM) recently conducted an informal survey of 170 doctors who pumped breastmilk during their residency training and found the majority felt poorly accommodated, with many experiencing medical complications or academic penalties. “I had […]

ADVOCACY UPDATE: Results of CWIM’s Survey on Breastfeeding Accommodations in Medical Residency Programs

By Michelle Cohen Surgeons who pump: #ILookLikeASurgeon Pumping Breastmilk in Residency Survey CWIM conducted an informal survey in the fall of 2019 that asked physicians with experience breastfeeding during residency about pumping breastmilk at work. We had heard enough horror stories from colleagues about having to pump in the bathroom, or suffering a painful complication […]